Why Can't My Son Read?

Written for parents of boys who struggle with reading and the professionals who work with these children

Why Can't My Son Read offers a practical view of dyslexia. Boys are kept back in schools at twice the rate of girls, the get expelled from preschool nearly five times more often than girls, and they are diagnosed with learning disorders and attention problems nearly four times as often as girls. Boys do less homework and receive a greater proportion of low grades. This book will identify for parents the components of the reading process, as well as as exploring the intersection of reading, attention, and executive functions. The importance of of competition and active engagement of boys with dyslexia is dissected by looking at both sides of the competition debate. Specific checklists and guidelines to support boys' reading improvement are provided. An additional chapter is included for parents seeking special education services for their sons. This chapter includes "tricks of the trade" to assist in obtaining the educational support services their sons require.

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